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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What is coaching?

As a life coach, I empower you to set goals and establish accountability for personal and professional success. ... You set the agenda, and I serve as an objective sounding board to help keep you focused and on track. I help you break through old barriers and develop new practices so you can reach your desired goals..

Can I book just one Session?

Many clients will see the benefit of multiple sessions to encourage growth, progress and a sense of achievement.

What are your fees?

The first exploratory session of 30 minutes is FREE. Start to uncover areas of your life where we can fully support

You can access a package of 4 sessions for £300.00

I am happy to chat through options and flexibility, to give you freedom and not to worry financially.

Sessions can be taken at your own pace however, we recommended to complete each session consistently and frequently for the best results.

Fees are taken at the time of booking.

Will this be Confidential?

We operate with 100% confidentiality.

You have our complete assurance that our sessions will remain private. This will be your safe space to talk freely, grow and progress to achieve a more fulfilling life.

However, if we feel that an individual is in any danger to themselves or others, or if they are in a dangerous situation involving other people, we reserve the right to alert any/all relevant services that are available to us, such as the Police or Social Services etc..

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