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What Our Clients Are Saying

I was in a weird situation with a friend where I had become fixated with what I believed was happening in my own head.

This clouded my judgement and thought processes which made me feel sad and frustrated. 

Lindsay was amazing and asked some really compelling questions which got me into thinking about my situation from a different perspective, which I had not even considered.

Ultimately she helped me to change my mindset and this, in turn, changed how I reacted to give me a completely different outcome.

I would 100% recommend Lindsay.....Thank you so much! 

Mrs L

Lindsay worked wonders on my nerves and mindset prior to a big interview I had.

From the very start she made me feel at ease and really comfortable.

I started my journey having negative thoughts, doubting my ability and definitely had imposter syndrome. Together we used some very simple NLP techniques and felt that she had whipped that straight out of me and gave me something different to look at and use.

I ended up feeling, confident, excited and like I could take on the world.

And even got offered the job!

From the bottom of my heart Lindsay, I can't thank you enough 


We love the range of topics that UnFunk Yourself cover, especially on instagram.

It’s like a daily reminder and a reset. Everything from The Power of Positive Thought to How to Create better Habits, Self Control, Goal Setting + so much more.. 

We adore The Sunday Setup where she talks through how to get ahead of your week, to plan and prepare everything from clothes to food and to then just switch off, unplug and be present 

It has supported us through our journey of being new parents when everything just feels so fast and forgetful

Thanks for everything that you do ! 


I love hearing back from my clients, so please share your feedback.

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